Data Quality on demand - Validate, correct and enhance customer data online

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Welcome to ""! Here it concerns the latest developments in the quality management of address and customer data, which are used to provide data quality as a service simply and quickly via the Internet and web applications at a reasonable price "on demand" - as and when required.

This offer is made available to you by Uniserv, the Number 1 in Europe in the sphere of data and quality since 1969.

If you are new to the issue of data quality in address and customer data, it is best to start here.

"On demand" - What are the advantages?

Until recently Data Quality Management was only provided by Uniserv and others as a software solution. This requires software installations and investment in hardware, programs and expensive reference data. This significant expense is only economical on a large scale.

Now that Uniserv offers Data Quality on Demand as an alternative, i.e. the complete quality management of customer data and addresses as a Web Service as and when required, data quality pays off for everyone in each and every case. Starting from the first data record.