Data Quality for CRM. Maintained customer data and correct addresses through interactive online validation.

What you can do to promote good relationships from the outset.

Incorrect customer data is the beginning of the end of any customer relationship. Finding and eradicating this requires a high investment of time and money. On the other hand, preventing errors as the data is entered is clever, effective and cheaper than damage limitation. Data Quality on Demand works together perfectly with your CRM system. Interactively. Addresses are corrected, title codes are allocated and data duplicates are prevented for each input and each call by means of single online validation.

Things which can be done in day-to-day business to care for relationships.

More customer contacts fall by the wayside than you might think as a result of relocations, bereavements or change of telephone company. Make regular use of Data Quality on Demand for data matching against up-to-date data sources. Take the opportunity to enhance your customer data with telephone numbers and geodata at the same time.

Data Quality on Demand - the best connections for the best relationships.

Data Quality on Demand works together perfectly with CRM software installations and web-based CRM applications such as Uniserv is providing proven integration methods and ready-made connectors for an increasing number of CRM systems. You will find solutions for, Oracle/Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and here: