Data Quality on Demand especially for

Companies of all sizes, from one-man businesses to the Japanese post office with 45 thousand users, nowadays rely on the on-demand functions of to optimize the management of their customer relationships.

Qualities complement each other.

The following applies to Salesforce.Com and other, web-based CRM systems in particular: the quality of the customer data is crucial for the productivity and efficiency of the complete management process. Uniserv offers the best data quality, suitable for Salesforce CRM, as an on-demand service. Customer data is optimally recorded from the outset by means of duplicate matching and postal address validation.


Simple activation, perfect integration.

The Data Quality Webservices of Uniserv and are linked by a special connector. This software, the Connector, is provided by Uniserv.
It is activated directly on the AppExchange platform of After a few simple customizations to suit your specific preferences and requirements, postal address validations and duplicate matching are automatically executed with immediate effect - for each new entry or change of a lead, contact or account.

The process in view, the quality under control.

Duplicate matching is carried out very efficiently - and fault-tolerantly. Spelling, reading or hearing errors are reliably taken into account. If duplicates are suspected, you will receive a list of probable candidates and can cleanse directly. Any linked information is automatically transferred. Ambiguous addresses are also immediately pointed out in the postal validation.