Data quality for CRM, ERP, direct marketing and e-commerce

A higher quality of support in CRM.

Data Quality on Demand works together interactively with your CRM systems. An individual validation is carried out online whenever customer data is acquired, altered or supplemented. Telephone numbers and geodata can be added in the process.

Accurate data for ERP & Co.

Data Quality on Demand works together perfectly with your ERP system. The improved data quality means that your planning is more reliable. You open up new dimensions for your planning with data enhancements such as telephone numbers or geodata.

The lowest waste coverage in direct marketing.

It has never been easier to optimize, minimize waste coverage and reduce the pressure on the direct marketing budget for mailings of any size. Use all the functions for data cleansing and data matching online as a service.

Profitable online business.

The online trade with its narrow margins cannot afford any incorrect customer data. Errors do not occur with Data Quality on Demand. The address, name and bank details are validated online as they are input into the webshop and corrected if necessary.