Functions which pay off.

Nine functions for optimum data quality.


Functions for data cleansing.

Functions for data cleansing are the solid basis of any data quality management. They should be used on all data records as soon as they are acquired and transferred. The database should also be optimized at least once a year. The basic functions include address optimization and correction, title code assignment and duplicate cleansing.
Address correction is available for the optimization of files and data stocks "on demand" or an interactive individual online validation.
In addition to this, you can check and correct bank details online.


Functions for data matching.

Used regularly, the data matching functions keep your customer and address database up-to-date. With Data Quality on Demand, you consider the fact that people move house, do not wish to receive promotional mail and - unfortunately - also pass away. We offer you this service together with partners.


Functions for data enhancement.

Customer data can be made even more useful and valuable with Data Quality on Demand. It is easily enhanced with additional information. Two functions are currently available for selection: enhancement with geodata and XY-coordinates and the addition of current telephone numbers.