Data Quality - on Demand, Data Quality - as a Service.

The innovative way of working with top quality address and customer data without investment in software or hardware. On demand - as a Web Service as and when required!

Data Quality interactively and on demand. Data validation as the data is input and optimization of complete databases.

Data Quality - interactively.

The data quality is monitored and optimized as the data is input. Address and bank data is validated interactively. Incorrect entries are reliably corrected, irrespective of whether they originate from the webshop or the CRM or ERP system. In addition to this, data records can be easily enhanced with further information, e.g. telephone numbers and XY-coordinates.

Optimizing data stocks - "on demand".

Data stocks should be regularly brought up to scratch. Large files and complete databases are also processed and optimized with Data Quality on Demand. Address correction, title code assignment and duplicate cleansing are available to you as and when required. Functions for data matching consider relocations, bereavements or people who do not wish to receive advertising. Data enhancement is also available here.

Applications in the company.

Your customer data is your capital. You maintain and increase its value with Data Quality on Demand. Several departments and applications and therefore the entire company profit directly from high-quality address and customer data.