email address validation

check the correctness of your e-mail addresses

Nowadays, the e-mail address is just as important as the postal address in communication between your company and your customers, suppliers, partners and other contacts. Modern-day business cannot be imagined without it, especially in the age of social media and digital identity. Incorrect e-mail addresses and a lack of e-mail validation therefore have far-reaching consequences, e.g.:

  • Waste coverage and high undeliverability rates in e-mail based advertising campaigns
  • Customer dissatisfaction when inquiries are not answered
  • Attempts at fraud through incorrect registrations


Errors which frequently occur in an e-mail address include transposed letters or syntactic errors, such as two dots in succession or several "@" characters. Incorrect e-mail addresses in lists transferred to service providers are another problem. An e-mail validation is essential to prevent these errors.

The check can be implemented at various points:

  • In the recording of e-mail addresses in customer management systems
  • In the registration via a web form or online portal
  • In the purchase of lists


The email address validation is available to you as a Web Service. You check your e-mail addresses effortlessly via Internet - record by record, either via the SaaS portal of Uniserv or simply through integration in your existing applications as a Web Service.

We check the deliverability of your e-mail by means of the following validation levels. The depth of validation is freely selectable.

  • Check of the syntactic structure of the e-mail address
  • Check of the correctness of the domain
  • Check of the deliverability of the complete e-mail address