Wie man es schafft, in Sachen Data Quality -  in Europa - die Nummer 1 zu werden und zu bleiben.

The most successful software portfolio far and wide.

Uniserv is the largest specialized provider of data quality solutions in Europe. The range of solutions includes a complete, internationally usable software portfolio. Service offers for the quality assurance of data in Business Intelligence, CRM applications, Data Warehousing, e-business, direct and database marketing are also available.

In several thousand installations worldwide, Uniserv supports hundreds of customers in implementing the "Single View of Customer" in their customer database.

Data quality goes online!

In addition to this, Uniserv has also offered its extensive Data Quality expertise online purely as a service as Data Quality on Demand since 2009, so that the optimization of customer data stocks now really pays off for everyone and every sector. Right from the first data record.

The experts for data quality.

More than 110 people are currently employed in the Uniserv team at its headquarters in Pforzheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and its subsidiary in Paris, France.